Our client James F. Kidd & Son Ltd have launched their new website with 1000’s of products online.

Is adoption of new technology giving your business a competitive edge or a headache?

In a recent survey by Dell, 77% of SMEs said that technology is key to their success.

Introducing digital change to your business can be both challenging and rewarding, often requiring operational, cultural and technological change.

If you are thinking of expanding abroad, consider the key challenges you will face when taking your business to an international level.

Getting delivery right to e-Commerce customers is key to building a successful on-line business.

Our client, A Hume, has recently won 2 major awards for their website, The Shooting Times Best Website 2015 and The Drapers Best Independent Multichannel Retailer 2014. So did winning the award have an effect on their already great sales figures? You have probably guessed the answer. The site was already performing extremely well before the award so we did not see a big jump ...

Establishing trust with your customers is key to successfully selling on-line. A lack of trust is one of the key reasons why people will not buy from your website. To find out how to get establish trust on your e-commerce site look at eConsultancy’s list of 44 reasons why people do not trust your website and also Kissmetric’s checklist of items from that you should think about ...

As of 13th June 2014 there are new rules that will apply to any sales concluded in your online store on or after this date. The new rules are being introduced to simplify consumer rights across the EU in respect to buying and selling. This is particularly relevant for e-commerce, ‘distance selling’ as it is known in the directive, as it will harmonise consumer rights across the EU and hopefully give the consumer confidence to buy from an online shop in another member state.