Does winning an award increase your sales?

Does winning an award increase your sales?

Our client, A Hume, has recently won 2 major awards for their website, The Shooting Times Best Website 2015 and The Drapers Best Independent Multichannel Retailer 2014.

So did winning the award have an effect on their already great sales figures?

You have probably guessed the answer. The site was already performing extremely well before the award so we did not see a big jump but the benefits of working towards winning will be seen for months and years to come.

Why put in the time and effort to fill in the forms, answer the questions and meet the award criteria?

The real reason for entering competitions, in our opinion, is quality. Putting your website in the firing line is a really good way of benchmarking your site against your peers and competitors. To win an award at this level you have to ensure that your business has its house in order and is as good or better than those around you.

If you enter an award and lose, it should be a part of your site or business’s process of evolution, to be learned from and built on to improve your offering to the world. Not winning a competition could be a more productive exercise than winning if the experience is used in the right way.

The work to create, maintain, test and optimise a top quality retail website goes on throughout the year, year after year.

Awards are a nice to have, but internet retail is (like store front retail) all about the quality and service at which A Hume excel, and this is reflected in the website.

The long term effects of winning awards are definitely worth the work.

Rest on your laurels at your peril!

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